July 31, 2021
Malware Attack

Malware and Business Compliance

Malware has been used as a major threat to computers for several years. While there are some good programs that actively combat malware, many malware infections can easily slip past most standard anti-virus applications. This makes the job of an IT support specialist all the more challenging.

Malware is any malicious software purposely designed to cause harm to a machine, server, user, or network. A wide array of malicious malware types now exist, such as computer viruses, worms, Trojans, malware, spam, adware, ransomware, and fake banking tools. Some malware can even remotely control or manipulate systems remotely.

Not all malware is malicious.

Some viruses and worms create annoying advertisements and pop-ups but do not harm the machines in any way. Other forms of malware create a greater threat to computers but are less destructive. Malicious software is generally of two varieties: (a) programs that are using to perform targeted attacks on a computer system, and (b) programs that spread their harmful payload to multiple computers that download and install them.

The most common types of Malware are malware downloaded through computer downloads and user downloads. Computer viruses are programmed to spread rapidly and silently without the knowledge or consent of the user. Typical virus infections are downloaded via email attachments, freeware application downloads, file-sharing networks, and game downloads. User downloads come in the form of freeware and shareware programs. When users click on these links to download software they are risking exposing their machines to potentially dangerous malware.

There are other malicious forms of Malware.

One type is fileless malware, which does not require a program for installation. These malware types often attack computers when they download a file, execute a program, or perform other operation that requires Internet access. Fileless malware can be downloaded and installed with a click of the mouse, and usually cannot be identified as an infection. Some wireless malware can be quite sophisticated and very difficult to remove unless it is accompanied by antimalware.

Another more common type of Malware is malicious programs that send out phishing scams to people who download or run potentially harmful software. Phishing scams are commonly disguised as legitimate email attachments. These types of Malware are also very advanced in design. They often use complex programming languages to send mass emails to millions of people within hours. Many of the scam emails that arrive in the inbox are phishing scams masquerading as real legitimate emails.

One of the more common types of Malware that end-users encounter is named Ransomware. This Malware is typically installed remotely on the computer system of an end-user through malicious software that downloads and installs on the system. Once the Malware is installed, it begins to perform tricks such as locking a user out of their system, slowing down performance, blocking the computer, and causing the computer to crash. The Malware often comes in the form of a video file that has the ransom message attached. If the video is not able to be played, then the system will display messages such as “This feature is no longer available”, “This action cannot be performed”, “The system can’t be salvaged” etc. When the Malware is completely removed from the system, the Malware will still be present in the “registry” of the computer.

Apart from the common types of Malware that install themselves on computers everywhere, there are some more malicious types of Malware that are capable of causing serious damage.

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