June 22, 2021
Exchange Server Support

Immediate Microsoft Exchange Server Assistance

Microsoft Exchange Server is Microsoft’s mail, calendar, contacts, scheduling and collaborate-related platform. It’s usually deployed on the Windows Server OS (operating system) for commercial use. This free software can be installed by downloading and running an installation package. The program can also be run as a service. This article discusses IT Support offered by Microsoft Exchange Server, a type of technology that helps in managing work flows and data in an integrated manner.

Microsoft Exchange Server offers different solutions that involve data and messaging management.

It includes various types of features like Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Exchange Server 2021, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Business Center, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Oracle. There are also server roles and Microsoft modules, which are included in the software. These services and utilities include: Microsoft Exchange Server Backup, Microsoft Exchange Server Recovery, Microsoft Exchange Server Role Administration, Microsoft SharePoint Online Protection, Microsoft SharePoint Portal, Microsoft Office Online, Microsoft Project Online, Microsoft Points of Service, Microsoft Solitaire, Microsoft Windows Searches Server, Microsoft SharePoint Workplace, Microsoft Dynamics GP Workgroup, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Business Solutions Business Intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Dynamics GP Virtual Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Services, Microsoft Business Portal Solution, Microsoft Citrix Metaframe Accelerator, Microsoft SharePoint Workstation, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Business Strategy Online, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft 365 Business Solutions

Microsoft Exchange Server offers both centralized and remote management capabilities. It also offers high availability options including on-demand and long-term availability as well as availability that are neither temporary nor hybrid. Microsoft Exchange Server has the following key solutions: Microsoft Exchange Server Cloud Provider, Microsoft Exchange Server Business Intelligence BI, Microsoft Exchange Server Enterprise Manager, Microsoft Exchange Server Experienced Advisor, Microsoft Exchange Server Private MDB, Microsoft Exchange Server Site Recovery, Microsoft Exchange Server Solution, Microsoft SharePoint Worksite, Microsoft SharePoint Service Provider, Microsoft Visual Studio Tools Online, Microsoft Works, System Center, Intuit QuickBooks Business Intelligence BI, and Microsoft Business Portal Enterprise Manager. Microsoft SharePoint Software also supports some features from Microsoft Exchange Server: Microsoft SharePoint Software, Microsoft Visual Studio Sdk, Microsoft Office 2021, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Sage Workstation, Microsoft Business Solutions Business Intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics GP Workstation, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft System Center, Microsoft Systems eConnect

Microsoft Lync is a cross-platform web-based conferencing solution. It can be used on-demand or on a dedicated server environment, and is designed to work well with existing email servers and integrated Windows enterprise mobility management systems (eg: Intranet and eConnect). This is the primary contact for groupware communications and is considered to be a lightweight messaging solution for small to medium sized businesses. The following features of Microsoft Lync are: Microsoft Lync Professional, Microsoft Lync Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Workspace, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Word Perfect Unofficial Edition, Microsoft Office Web Services (EOWS), Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Business Portal Server, Microsoft Dynamics Mobile, Microsoft SharePoint Business Intelligence BI, Microsoft PowerPoint Business Intelligence, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation, Microsoft Business Portal eConnect, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Access, Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Services, Microsoft Business Solutions Virtual Currency, Microsoft Business Solutions Business Intelligence, Microsoft Business Solutions Mobile Access eLearning, Microsoft Business Solutions Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server.

Microsoft SharePoint is a web collaboration and content management platform that enable groups of people to work together via an intranet. This is a complex collaboration and document management system that require server processing speed with heavy bandwidth requirements. To meet the requirements, SharePoint servers are usually incorporated into a cloud computing solution with other server applications. These cloud servers provide SharePoint functionality without the need for installation and maintenance.

Microsoft Business Portal (MBS) is a connector service that provides high availability and scalability for clustered and single application portals and e-mail services in the enterprise. The service can be easily expanded using e-mail or web conferencing. It supports deployment of enterprise-grade SharePoint applications and data sources such as file, desktop, and database servers.

Microsoft Business Portal has a number of new features in its server 2021 release.

One of these is the Microsoft Lync suite of applications which includes the Windows native Lync viewer, e-mail client, Windows Mobile Devices, SharePoint Mobile, Business Center, Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Microsoft Outlook software. These applications are integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, which provides the ability to share documents with colleagues. It also provides a unified messaging experience for groups within a workgroup. Advanced security controls provide an improved level of protection against external threats.

  • Microsoft Business Portal also provides high availability and scalability for MS Exchange.
  • This includes integrating Microsoft SharePoint and Windows Server. It also offers a browser based e-mail client that is integrated with Windows Live Meeting.
  • The browser automatically synchronizes with the exchange server and allows users to access mailboxes from any location via a web browser.
  • Microsoft Business Portal is available in the following flavors: Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Ajax, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Project.